Banking for the new generation

A new-age bank account, smart debit card & curated rewards for students.

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Smart Debit Card

Use your own personalized Walrus Card to spend smartly, track your expenses and earn rewards.

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Spend in-store and online using your personal Walrus card, and track all your purchases in the app.

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Block and unblock your card anytime from the app. No more losing cash.

Modern Mobile Banking App

A secure app to manage your account in real time. Easily send and receive money from your family and friends, and get real-time notifications.


Your AI powered app learns from you. It personalizes itself to how you use it. Powerful features like saving, budgeting, investing.

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No more fumbling across menus and buttons. Everything is there, when and where you need it.

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Special Features

Amazing Rewards

Earn rewards for saving, sharing and using Walrus. Join Walrus Club to get even more benefits.

Learn about Money

Learn about the bad-bad world of money through fun bite-sized lessons.

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